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Fiscardo is a picturesque village located on the northern tip of Kefalonia. Unlike many other parts of the island, the area escaped the devastating earthquake of 1953, which means that it still retains its traditional Ionian architecture. The village features traditional, colorful houses with terracotta roofs, cobblestone lanes and fragrant gardens.

Fiscardo has a rich history, with evidence of settlements dating back to ancient times. The origin of the name comes from Robert Guiscard who was the most remarkable of the Norman adventurers who conquered Southern Italy and Sicily, and spent here a great part of his life in the time of the Frankish (Norman) dominion in Greece. During the Roman era Fiscardo was called Panormos and was considered an important commercial port and a roman resort.

While in Fiscardo, you can explore the Venetian lighthouse and Basilica (6th century AD), the Roman cemetery along with a theatre, a house and a bath complex, and the ruins of the Venetian fortress in the village of Asos a few kilometers away.

Nature lovers would be thrilled with the beauty of northern Kefalonia. You will not find busy organized beaches here, but only natural coves and pebbled bays with trees and bushes.  Emblissi Beach and Foki Beach are two popular options for a day of sun and sea. The village serves as a great starting point for exploring the northern part of Kefalonia, including the beautiful Assos village and the famous Myrtos Beach, which are both within driving distance.

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